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Enhancing communication and transparency

Research shows that positive communication between school board members and the community creates trust between the two. What steps should the CASD Board take to enhance communication and promote transparency?

Enhancing communication and transparency

The topics of communication and transparency have been the subject of much disinformation in this campaign. Our opponents have wrongly claimed parents don’t have any input in their children’s education; that the District isn’t open or transparent about what’s being taught in our schools; and detailed financial information isn’t available for taxpayers to review. For the record, none of this is true.

The CASD strives to be very transparent and communicates regularly with students, parents, and taxpayers on a variety of topics. For example:

1. All agendas are made public in advance of school board meetings and all board meetings have two public comment periods.

2. All meetings are live-streamed and materials are archived on the District’s website.

3. All board-approved policies are publicly posted on the website.

4. The Superintendent uses email, text, and video to regularly communicate with parents.

5. Virtually every piece of vital information, including the budget and academic curriculums, are available both on the website and in-person for any member of the public to review.

We believe our community deserves a school board that is governed by truth, transparency, and accountability. Every Carlisle resident deserves to know what is being taught in our schools, how their tax dollars are being spent, and the opportunity to speak up on any topic. All candidates for public office have an obligation to be both truthful and informed when they speak or make accusations. Any candidate who isn’t, doesn’t deserve your trust, or your vote.

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