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Our Priorities:

We are local parents, educators, and taxpayers with decades of combined experience working with children in our community.  We have pride in our schools and our kids.

We will prioritize academic excellence over chaos and partisan politics to give our students the skills they need to succeed.

We will promote transparency and communication between the School Board and taxpayers and never embarrass or divide our community with partisan bickering and gridlock.

Read our detailed Plan to Keep Carlisle Schools Strong 

Watch the CASD School Board Candidate Forum on YouTube


Putting Students First

  • Challenge all students to excel in whatever path is best for them.

  • Focus on students' education and achievement, not politically driven policies.

  • Maintain high standards for academic achievement by ensuring materials are age and developmentally appropriate and accurate.

  • Enable students to explore opportunities for careers and/or higher education.

  • Provide a broad range of academic, career and technology, and extracurricular opportunities to prepare all students to be productive citizens.


Respecting Parents and Teachers

  • Recognize parents are essential in their child's education and welcome them in schools.

  • Ensure frequent and open communication with parents/guardians.

  • Enable parents to make decisions for their own children with appropriate mechanisms for parental input and review.

  • Value the knowledge and skills of teachers and support staff.

  • Recognize the energy and commitment teachers have in helping all students succeed.

  • Recruit and retain the best educators by offering competitive salaries, professional development, and support that enables them to challenge all students to succeed.


Uniting the Community

  • Support partnerships with area businesses and community organizations that benefit students and our community.

  • Welcome community members to school events.

  • Celebrate community pride in academic, artistic, musical, athletic, community service, and other student and educator accomplishments.

  • Recognize the integral role the school district has in enhancing the quality of life in the greater Carlisle Area.

  • Maintain local control and community pride in our schools.


Responsible Stewardship of District Finances

  • Responsibly spend taxpayer dollars on student success, academic programs, and vital school infrastructure.

  • Ensure the district is as cost-effective as possible in construction, utility use, purchasing supplies, managing information technology, and health benefit plan design.

  • Prudently save for major capital expenditures and maintain reserves to address unexpected or extraordinary costs that may occur.

  • Balance the burden and fairness to taxpayers with the resources needed to maintain and grow our educational programs and retain the best teachers. 


Let us know you plan to vote for all five of our candidates in the November 7th election

Thanks for supporting our team!  

Visit our Voter Information Center to make your plan to vote by mail or in person.

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