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Watch "Better Choice"
Better Choice

The nonpartisan team of Paula Bussard, Bruce Clash, Joe Shane, George Stroud and Jon Tarrant are running to put our students first, by focusing on good schools, smart budgets, and great teachers. 


Carlisle deserves a school board that will govern with truth and experience,
nd keep politics out of our classrooms.

Watch "Our Plan"
Our Plan

Carlisle schools are some of the best in Cumberland County, but we face tough challenges - pandemic learning losses, student mental health needs, and a looming teacher shortage.  

We need a school board with real plans - not political agendas -  to confront these challenges head on and keep our schools strong.

Click below to hear about our plans to improve our schools and put our students first.

Help get these ads on the air and reach more voters before Election Day!

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