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Ensuring a quality education for all

"Herd Strong” is the District slogan designed to promote unity among the schools. Currently, different schools have different learning experiences. How will you help create a more cohesive, truly “Herd Strong” environment, so everyone is receiving the same educational experiences regardless of which school they attend?

Ensuring a quality education for all

Ensuring a high quality education experience for each student in the district is essential to every school board member’s job. Every student should have the opportunity to succeed regardless of which school they attend.

This is why we support the reimagining of our K-8 education program. It will enable us to:

• Achieve smaller class sizes throughout all elementary school buildings.

• More effectively use our staff and learning supports.

• Make all our building safe and bring them up to date.

• More efficiently invest tax dollars.

Beyond that, we as a board must lead by example and strive to unify our community to provide the best education possible for our students—not divide it or fan the flames of partisanship. Being a school board member isn't about whether you're a Democrat or a Republican--it's about being Herd Strong!

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