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Exploring the future of K-8 facilities

The CASD is in the process of reorganizing the elementary and middle school programs to balance class size, maximize the use of resources and improve efficiencies for students and staff. What do you view as the biggest challenge in implementing this reorganization?

Exploring the future of K-8 facilities

Currently, the biggest challenges of the K-8 reimagining project are:

1. Getting accurate information to the public about the need for a comprehensive K-8 facilities plan that will sustain the district for years to come.

2. Addressing parent concerns regarding any potential school closures or elementary school reassignments.

3. Managing the project so it is completed on time and within budget.

It's imperative to underscore some important point about the proposed reorganization:
The current status quo is not an option. With student enrollment growing in the northern part of the district and several elementary schools aging out of safe use, we have to do something now.

The process thus far has been very open and transparent, and we are happy there will continue to be opportunities for all voices to be heard.

It’s because of the prudent financial management of the current and previous school boards that CASD is in a strong financial position to pay for this project without dramatically increasing taxes or annual debt payments.

This last point is an important one to expand upon because our opponents have insinuated that past and current school boards have raised taxes while hoarding cash for no purpose. THIS is the purpose; so when faced with a large-scale critical construction project, the District has saved sufficient resources and can undertake projects without dramatically raising taxes or taking on a lot of debt. Very few districts in our regional can say that.

For anyone interested in learning more, the district has established an informational page on its website for this project. The Administration is actively seeking input from the community, and are conducting community meetings to help everyone understand why this project is needed. Visit

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