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Fostering collaboration

Under the Pennsylvania Public School Code, school boards exercise the powers granted to govern their districts collectively. How will you foster a spirit of collaboration with your fellow board members as you serve the students, families, and taxpayers of the CASD?

Fostering collaboration

If your purpose for serving on the school board is to serve all of the 5,200 students in our district, you have to work collaboratively. Our school board has an excellent reputation for being nonpartisan, highly functional, and effective. This is something we do very well in Carlisle.

It starts with pledging to conduct ourselves as nonpartisan public officials—and setting aside personal political agendas and partisan ideologies.

From there, collaboration is built on Truth, Transparency and Respect.

We ensure Truth and Accuracy by conducting our business in ways that give board members and the community opportunity to provide input; review all information before meetings; and ensure all board members trust and understand the details and facts that come before us. We base our decisions on facts and measurable objectives, not special interest talking points and partisan conspiracies.

We ensure Transparency by making all information that comes before the board available online. That includes all board meeting agendas and presentations; a detailed breakdown of the school budget and finances; and curriculum materials so any concerned parent or taxpayer can see what is taught in our schools. Despite accusations to the contrary, Carlisle already does all these things. I pledge to continue to do so and to improve communications where we can.

We foster Respect by having a personal code of conduct:
-Not using meetings to attack each other or members of our community
-We don’t subscribe to personal or partisan attacks. We are there to put students and the community above politics and special interests.
-We work hard to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

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