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Letter: Vote for strong leadership

Charles Bussard | The Sentinel

Apr 18, 2023

My recommendation for the Carlisle School Board is to vote for proven leadership.

My recommendation for the Carlisle School Board is to vote for proven leadership. I’ve lived in Carlisle since elementary school and graduated from CHS. Paula and I have three sons that graduated from Carlisle.

I am a CPA. My clients are nonprofit organizations. I work with board of directors, CEOs and employees of organizations whose missions are to support and care for specific stakeholders. Organizational leadership determines their success.

The vision of the Carlisle School District is to empower every learner. When choosing the board, consider the leadership skills needed to meet this vision. Current board leadership at Carlisle is evident by:

• The successful selection and transition of superintendents enabling continuity of leadership.

• Timely renovations and security upgrades to the two middle and all elementary schools. These are investments in the future of Carlisle families and students.

• A partnership between the teachers, administration and the school board that is respectful, trusting and reflects the board’s belief that teachers are foundational to moving the vision forward. The board listens to teachers; the teachers are committed to the students, thus achieving the district’s mission.

• Keeping the district’s fiscal house in strong shape with sound budgets and completed audits. Discussion centers around the district’s cash reserves. Many of my clients work constantly to develop reserves because they know future program decisions are affected by current assets. A school board’s financial decisions affect both todays and tomorrow’s students.

CASD provides education to a wonderfully diverse population of families from two boroughs and two townships, and through a unique partnership with the U.S. Army War College. This requires consistent board leadership that supports the district administration and teachers so that every family has a voice in their children’s future.

Proven leadership: Vote for Bussard, Clash, Shane, Tarrant and Eby on May 16.

Charles Bussard

Dickinson Township


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